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 Praise for The Fisherman’s Quilt:

The Fisherman’s Quilt is a strong novel, an emotionally engaging read combining introspection with story and dialogue. The narration compliments the dialogue well and adds to it an additional layer of resonance. The plot is fresh and the book will be satisfying to those looking for something a little more thought-provoking in their literature. . . The author has a voice that is worth hearing by a large audience.” Writer’s Digest, January 2007

“The Perfect Storm in a doublewide trailer! As soon as I started reading The Fisherman’s Quilt, I was along for the ride, up to Alaska and into Nora Hunter’s life, rooting for her all the way. A very enjoyable read, hard to put down.” Ann Conroy, Columbia City Book Club

The Fisherman’s Quilt is a flavorful and provocative story that you will savor long after you have read it.” Kent Sturgis, President, Independent Book Publishers Association

The Fisherman’s Quilt is a beautifully written, emotionally sensitive book that I highly recommend! Margaret Doyle has created a soulful piece of fine work.” Judith Orloff M.D. Author, Positive Energy and Second Sight

“Doyle has…written a woman’s story of endurance and self-exploration. Quilt is reality literature, a reading experience you’ll not forget.” Irving Warner, Author, In Memory of Hawks and Other Stories from Alaska

“I just don’t believe this is a novel. Margaret Doyle lived this book. Not only are the places authentic and accurate, the word pictures of Alaskan fishermen and their families have to be snapshots from a family album, not a sketch from her imagination. While this once idealistic young woman waits for her fisherman husband to return from his life on the sea, she is waiting for Happiness. Still, while parenting alone, she manages to create some happiness by fixing up her little home on a limited budget, giving her kids a semblance of a normal childhood and keeping herself growing socially and intellectually. At once depressing and inspiring, Doyle has given voice to many young mothers who struggle to make a life, cope with day-to-day problems and love a man they will never fully understand – a man who finds his identity more in his profession than his family. Interestingly, it doesn’t only happen to blue collar families, but many wealthy ones, as well. Doyle has spoken what many, perhaps most, women think and feel. I loved this book. ” Susan Richmond, Inklings Bookshop, Yakima Washington

“Though Nora faces her challenges in an Alaskan fishing village, her story will shout out to women everywhere.” Patricia Monaco, Editor, NAPRA ReView

“. . .a very disturbing book. . .My heart cries for the women that sit alone for weeks at a time worrying about their spouse on the water and coping with everyday problems. . . .I saw the term “reality literature” applied to this book, and although I would like to dismiss [it] as fiction, I fear

there is a great deal of truth and accuracy in the writing.” Ruth Oie, owner, The Book Shoppe, Graingeville, ID

“Doyle’s book speaks with insight and power about the lives of neglected women. Although such stresses are notoriously acute for wives of Alaska’s commercial fishermen, the problems she depicts are universal and will resonate with readers who have never landed a salmon or crab.” Shana Loshbaugh, Kenai Peninsula Clarion

[The Fisherman’s Quilt ] “Lay[s] out the problems of change from hippy culture and street drugs plus make-believe to resolving the questions of actual life very well.” James Krueger, MD and WWII veteran

[The Fisherman’s Quilt presents] “. . . a way to discuss a type of culture that exists in Alaska . . .[I hope to] translate the discussion of The Fisherman’s Quilt into a support group.” Pastor Marjorie Lorant, Wrangell AK

“Every time I sat down to read The Fisherman’s Quilt, I felt the desperation and the cold of beautiful Alaska. Thank you for your most vivid description of the loneliness of the Alaskan life, especially that of a wife of a fisherman. . .” Louise Murphy, Blaine, Washington

“I identified with Nora’s pluck, her marvelous internal dialogues that had such immediacy about them, her crazy friends, and her busy and boisterous little children. I loved Nora’s isolation, desperation, and what I call “war-time humor.” I loved the book!” Carol Nickisher, Author, Riding the Reef

“I wish I would have read your book 30 years ago. Then I would have known that I wasn’t all alone in my loneliness. Other women were experiencing it too. Making a life is like making a quilt . . . you take the scraps of your life and piece it together as best you can to make something beautiful. Even though The Fisherman’s Quilt was about Kodiak and the fisherman’s wife role, the story is universal for women who find themselves lonely. I ached for the pain in the story and could really relate. I feel that many, many women could also relate to the story.” Ellen Hough, Founder, Widows of Living Husbands, Idaho

“… hard to put down, reading these experiences touched a deep place in me. Your book bravely showed that it takes more than one person to be married. . .” K. Metzger, Washington state

“…devastatingly poignant.”

Janeen Russell, Yakutat AK Book Club


“Doyle’s book touched me to the core. It was a journey of what it means to be a woman, mother and wife… joy, despair, lost dreams and hope… all wrapped up in a finely authored work.”

Vicki Carter,  Lopez Island

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